Wayfinding & Environmental Design

Effective wayfinding enriches your customers' understanding of your products and services and enhances the user experience. Wayfinding includes signs, maps, directories, kiosks, and touch-screen and mobile applications.

Environmental Design

Initially, your business image is a blank canvas. Propaganda Creative uses creative design to paint the company culture and show what your business is about. We build environmental graphics that engages your patrons in your brand. Our award-winning design team builds from your brand’s core to amplify your message.


We study your project from an artistic perspective with an understanding of your goals and requirements. Then we overlay the mechanics of design with the appropriate font type and size, color, height, and location while meeting ADA requirements. The end product allows your customers to easily follow and grasp your company’s information.

Our team of experts design and source the following:

  • Interior and exterior signage
  • Interior and exterior graphics
  • Digital displays
  • Informational kiosks

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