Media Buying

Branded products are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your company.

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Location-based media advertisements target customers by their location or behavior. It includes messaging on billboards, vehicle wraps, transit ads such as on buses, and mobile billboards on trucks. Direct mailers, newspaper and magazine ads, radio, streaming, podcasts, and video production for TV, internet, and theater also fall under this category.

Compiling a multi-platform marketing strategy in these areas might seem overwhelming. At Propaganda Creative, we take care of the navigation, research, strategic planning, design, and implementation while collaborating with you to build an outstanding campaign that nets positive results.

Billboard and Transit Advertising

Outdoor billboard types range from static billboards to digital billboards that display animations and video and update in real-time (think weather-triggered advertising).

Transit advertising is another form of billboard advertising. Wrap an entire city bus or spotlight your brand on the side panels and poster boards on the bus interior. Bus stop shelter poster boards and benches are options as well.

Digital mobile billboards are placed on trucks equipped with large LED displays. We can target specific audiences depending on the truck’s route and draw attention with animated and video advertisements. Propaganda Creative also offers design services for eye-catching vehicle wraps.

Print Publications

Want to place your ad in a newspaper or lifestyle magazine? We’re here to help. Propaganda Creative designs ads and books monthly or annual placement for print publications across the country.

Direct mail is one method we use to reach broad or specific targeted consumers. We obtain mailing lists based on zip codes and demographics to create an effective campaign that increases sales. We can send mailers to your existing customer database to improve your customer retention rate. Direct mailers include postcards, self-mailers, letters, dimensional mailers, coupon books, and catalogs.

Radio and Podcasts

Our team provides radio, streaming, and podcast media production and placement. We set up ads on radio stations and streaming platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, and targeted podcasts.

Television, Connected TV, and Theater Advertising

Display your ad during the morning and nightly news slots, or run it during a playoff game or prime-time reality show. We have great relationships with broadcast stations and cable providers like Comcast.

If you want to target a demographic, we also provide OTT and Connected TV options and can reach people on any device via video on the internet.

In-theater advertising is another tool we use to expand your brand, product, or service. Propaganda Creative provides the design, video production, and media buying for this type of advertising.

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