3D Rendering

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, a 3D render can provide 1000 angles.

3D rendering is the process of creating 3D objects into a realistic high fidelity 2D image.

As processor speeds increase exponentially 3D rendering has become a common tool for designers and marketers to manipulate life-like objects on the printed page and digital display.

Understanding the amazing potential of 3D,

Propaganda began working with this technology early on and now utilizes the evolving discipline in many of our client’s projects.

The applications of 3D rendering are nearly endless.

By using a 3D model the Propaganda team can control the angle of an object, or the light entering a room as well as many more difficult to replicate external factors when applying traditional photography.

Applications for 3D are completely custom from client to client.

Below is a list including the most common applications Propaganda uses 3-D rendering for.

  • Engineering models
  • Architectural design
  • Animation
  • Social Posts
  • Wayfinding
  • Product design
  • Product advertising
  • E-commerce product application

The solution could be 3D

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